Colourful Locations Add Flavour To Your Conferences

Thailand offers endless possibilities for ultimate experiences, with a brilliant blend of destination charm, inspiring attractions, outstanding activities, and superb culture. Its strategic location in South-East Asia earns Thailand a competitive edge of easy accessibility and provides a dynamic platform for professional connections throughout Asia. Organising international conventions in Thailand is even more achievable thanks to the welcoming hospitality and excellence of Thai professionals, their can-do attitude to solve myriad problems and experience of hosting global conventions.

Why Thailand For Conventions?

With many alternative locations for your conference, Thailand is the destination that always adds a different and exciting flavour to your event. Delegates can attend conferences in Thailand many times without ever feeling tired. Our unique Thai hospitality and can-do attitude from service professionals always impress visitors with a smile. Add an energetic atmosphere, multi-cultural ambience and cosy stay to ensure your brilliant journey will remain an indelible memory for a long time to come. Thailand… diverse choices to spice up your conferences.

Vibrant Choice of Locations

  • Five key MICE cities located in all key regions of the country.
  • Each city has its own charm, culture and identity, assuring exceptional experience.
  • Metropolitan Bangkok in the central region
  • Unique Lanna culture, plus modern art city and rich ecology of Chiang Mai in the North
  • Sino-Portuguese culture and UNESCO gastronomically creative city of Phuket island in the South,
  • Lively seaside city of Pattaya in the East
  • Khon Kaen, a modern city of Isan culture and gateway to Indochina in the Northeast
  • Convenience of access: only 1-1.5 flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Phuket and Khom Kaen
  • Convenience of access: Bangkok-Pattaya: 1.30 hour drive via motorway from Bangkok International Airport.

Vibrant Choice of Venues

  • International convention centers of global standard in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya. Each with capacity of over 1,000 delegates
  • All five MICE cities are renowned travel destinations of global and regional status, assuring plenty of accommodation and world-class venue hotels of both local brands but with world-renowned recognition and international chains. Beach front venue, riverine venue, downtown venue, venue with scenic mountainous view.
  • Unique culture and environment of each city assures themed, off-beat and special venues in each city. Event with setting of palace, ancient temple ruin, green ecology, scenic ocean, riverine, modern art venue, museum, iconic cultural site, roof-top restaurant, etc.

Vibrant Choice of Activities

  • Thai MICE cities are of global travel and regional travel destination status, assuring rich choices of activities to suit all tastes, preferences and individual time.
  • Products range from peaceful religious practices to adrenaline-boosting adventures, from cuisine of palatable delight to spa treatment and health therapy for mind relaxation, from family-oriented activities to individual rejuvenation, from indulging in sports exercise to enjoying shopping sprees and taking pleasure in both local and contemporary art and culture, from learning the art of Thai cooking and trying the fighting mind of Thai boxing to boosting blood flow with traditional Thai massage.